Frequently Asked Questions - Floating

+ What distances do you float?

We offer a varity of float trips, however all rafts float 5 miles.

  • 5 Mile float trip from Blue Spring to Sappington Bridge

  • 10 Mile float trip from Campbell Bridge to Sappington Bridge

Other float trips available, depending on availability:

  • 11 Mile float trip from Sappington Bridge to Sand Ford Public Access
  • 15 Mile float trip from Onondaga Cave to Sappington Bridge
  • 26 Mile float trip from Onondaga Cave to Sand Ford Public Access

+ How long will my float take?

The Meramec River runs at approximately 1 mile per hour, and the average person paddles a canoe at 5 mph.

A 5 mile float trip, if you paddle straight through, will take just over an hour. If you take your time, you can spend 5 hours on the 5 mile float trip.

+ What size coolers can I bring?

50 quarts or less.

+ Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed in canoes only, and will be assesed a $10 charge. All dogs must be friendly, up to date on shots, and kept on a leash.

+ Will I have cell service?

Cell service at the office can occasionally be inconsistent, depending on your provider. During the course of your float, you may have service on various spots throughout the river.

+ What time do we need to return by?

We request that everyone is off the river by 6PM.

+ Do you provide life jackets for children?

We do have a limited supply of child jackets. It is reccommended that you bring your own if you have them available.

+ Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a group discount of 10% off of 5 rafts and/or 10 canoes/kayaks.

Frequently Asked Questions - Facilities

+ Do you sell food, alcohol, or ice?

We sell a few snack items such as chips and soda, as well as ice for coolers. We do not sell alcohol or cigarettes.

+ Are there showers available?

Yes, we have free, private showers available during business hours.

+ Do you offer camping or lodging?

Yes, we only offer primitve camping for $8 per person per night.

+ What hotels and restaurants are in the area?


  • Comfort Inn - (573) 468-7800 | 736 S Service Rd W, Sullivan, MO 63080
  • Baymont - (573) 367-2211 | 275 S Service Rd W, Sullivan MO 63080
  • Super 8 - (573) 468-8076 | 601 S Service Rd W, Sullivan, MO 63080


  • Cracker Barrel Old Country Store (573) 468-5595 | 701 W Springfield Rd, Sullivan, MO 63080
  • El Nopal Mexican Restaurant (573) 860-5214 | 148 S Service Rd W, Sullivan, MO 63080
  • Applebees Grill + Bar (573) 860-2143 | 314 S Service Rd E, Sullivan, MO 63080
  • Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches (573) 468-3278 | 1003 N Olive St, Sullivan, MO 63080
  • Starbucks (573) 210-3153 | 797 Eagle Dr, Sullivan, MO 63080
  • McDonald's (573) 468-8113 | 6 S Service Rd W, Sullivan, MO 63080
  • Taco Bell (573) 468-2999 | 344 S Service Rd W, Sullivan, MO 63080

Frequently Asked Questions - River

+ What river do we float on?

The Meramec River.

+ How deep is the river?

The river varies from 1 foot to 10 feet deep.

+ What kinds of fish are there?

The Meramec is home to many species, including small and big mouth bass, walleye, catfish, and crappie.

+ Are there cool things to see, like bluffs or caves?

Yes! Ask for our printed self-guided tour.

+ Are there any rapids?

The Meramec is, at most, a Class 1 river. This means a proficient paddler can paddle upstream with a canoe. There are some occasional obstacles in the water.

+ Can I bring glass or styrofoam with me?

No. These are prohibited by state law to help keep the river clean.

+ Do I need to wear a life jacket?

Missouri law requires boaters to have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket on board and accessible for each occupant of the boat. Children under the age of seven are required to wear a life jacket whenever they are on a boat.

+ Are there any river rules I should know?

All state and federal laws still apply on the river. This includes: all persons consuming alcohol needing to be of age, keeping all trash in designated trash bags, respecting any private property that borders the river, not operating a motorized boat while intoxicated, and others.

Don’t see your question answered here? Email us at info@3bridges.com or give us a call at (573)-486-7238.